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The Valkyrie: Page 429
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The Valkyrie: Act Three, Scene Two - Bruennhilde's rocky peak: The Valkyries, Bruennhilde, and Wotan

[V.3.2: A]

Wotan now makes his dramatic arrival in a rage over Bruennhilde’s disobedience, and preparing to administer severe punishment once he has her in hand:

(The rocky height is surrounded by black thunderclouds; a terrible storm blows up from the back of the stage, while a fiery glow to the left of it grows ever brighter. #5?; #60 vari; #84 hint?)


Wotan’s voice: (…) Stay, bruennhild’! (…)


Bruennhilde: (#83?:) Ah, sisters, help! How my heart is pounding! His wrath will crush me, unless your shelter can curb it (:#83?).


The eight Valkyries: (retreating in fear up the rocky cliff and drawing Bruennhilde with them) Hither, lost sister! Let him not see you! Huddle closer and heed not his call!


(They hide Bruennhilde in their midst and look anxiously in the direction of the pinewood, which is now lit up by a brilliant fiery glow, while the front of the stage has become completely dark.)


The eight Valkyries: Alas! In his fury Wotan dismounts from his horse – hither he storms with vengeful step.


(#84?: Wotan emerges from the pinewood in an access of fury and strides impetuously towards the group of Valkyries on the cliff, looking for Bruennhilde. #20a?)


Wotan: (#20a?:) Where is Bruennhild’, where the delinquent? How dare you hide the traitress from me (:#20a?)?


Eight Valkyries: (#68 vari?:) How fearful your fury resounds: - father, what’ve your daughters done to rouse you to raging anger (:#68 variant?)?


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