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Siegfried: Page 491
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Siegfried: Act One, Scene Two - Mime's forge: Mime and the Wanderer (Wotan)

[S.1.2: A]

Wotan, dressed now in disguise as the Wanderer, with a broad hat covering his missing eye, and carrying his Spear as his walking staff, enters Mime’s cave, but Mime is immediately, instinctively hostile and unsociable, unwilling to welcome a stranger as guest, particularly one as thoughtful and reflective as the Wanderer proves to be. Wotan will propose a contest of knowledge whose sole purpose is to expose Mime – Wotan’s prosaic “self” - as inherently unable to grasp what he needs to know in order to obtain redemption:


([[ #112: ]] The wanderer (Wotan) enters from the forest through the door at the back of the cave. He is wearing a long, dark-blue cloak; he carries a spear as a staff. On his head he wears a hat with a broad, round brim, which hangs down over his face.)


Wotan: (#113?:) Hail to you, wise smith! [[ #113: ]] To a way-weary guest you’ll not begrudge your house’s hearth! (#113 frag)


Mime: (starting up in terror: #46?:) Who is it who seeks me out in the wildwood? Who tracks me through the desolate forest (:#46?)?


Wotan: (#112:) As Wanderer I am known to the world: already I’ve wandered widely (#113>>:) and over the earth’s [“Erde” – i.e., Erda’s] broad back have ofttimes wended my way.


Mime: Then wend your way further (:#113) (#41) and don’t rest here (#112 stopped chords:) if you’re known to the world as Wanderer.


Wanderer: (#113 vari: [with a musical development of extraordinary nobility]) with good men I’ve rested as their guest, many have granted me gifts: (#5?:) for he who’s ungracious fears misfortune (:#113).


Mime: Misfortune ever dwelt with me (:#5?): (#30b or 33b or #97?:) will you make it worse for the wretch (:#30b? or 33b? or #97?)?

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