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Siegfried: Page 648
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has, unbeknownst to Siegfried, magically protected him at the front from wounds?]; #128b frag vari)


Wotan: Siegfried I see approaching there.


(He remains in position by the cave. #129b varis. #?: [chirping, fluttering bird frag from the finale of S.2.3?] Siegfried’s woodbird flutters downstage. #128b?. suddenly the bird stops, flutters to and fro in alarm and disappears quickly towards the back of the stage. #?: [the woodbird’s fluttering music sounds akin to the music of Loge’s ring of fire around Bruennhilde?]; #10 or #41 or #104 as a birdcall?: Siegfried enters and pauses. #41?)


Siegfried: (#voc?: [music possibly influenced by #66? – this particular snatch of melody, which will be heard two more times during this scene, almost rises to the level of a motif]) My woodbird’s flown away; - with fluttering flight and sweet-sounding song it blithely showed me my way (:#?); now it has fled far away from me. (#57 varis:) It’s best if I find the rock by myself: I’ll follow the path (#129b frag:) that my guide pointed out.


(#?: [#129a repeated several times, or #12’s last five notes repeated, or some Rhinedaughter music from the moment in R.1 when the Rhinegold first appeared?] He strides upstage.)


Wanderer: (remaining where he is: #129b frag & varis:) Whither, my lad, does your journey lead you?


Siegfried: (stopping and turning round: #129b vari>>:) There’s someone speaking: (#129a or #129b?:) perhaps he can tell me the way.


(#10 or #41 or #104 as a birdcall?: He approaches the Wanderer.)


Siegfried: (#128b?:) I’m seeking a (#15:) rock that’s (#128b:) circled by fire (:#128b): (#129b?) there sleeps a woman (#129b:) I mean to wake.


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