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The Ring of the Nibelung
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The Rhinegold: Scene Three 191-226

[R.3] Nibelheim: Wotan, Loge, Mime, Alberich (at one point transformed into a Serpent), Nibelungs 191-226

  • [R.3: A] Alberich, designer of the Tarnhelm (#42), takes it from its maker, Mime. (#43) Making himself invisible with the Tarnhelm, Alberich whips Mime to teach him the power of its  magic.  191-194

  • [R.3: B] Wotan and Loge learn Mime (#44) is enslaved to his brother Alberich.  194-195

  • [R.3: C] Mime tells how Alberich enslaved the Nibelungs with his Ring.  195-197

  • [R.3: D] Mime tells how he failed to win the Tarnhelm from Alberich.  198-199

  • [R.3: E] Loge will free the Nibelungs from Alberich through cunning.  199-200

  • [R.3: F] Alberich (#45) dominates his fellow Nibelungs with the  Ring's power. With the Tarnhelm, Alberich wields power where least expected.  200-204

  • [R.3: G] Alberich: Just as my cousin Loge betrayed me, he’ll betray the gods. (#47) I can defy you all!  204-207

  • [R.3: H] Alberich: I'll obtain world-power through my (#46) Nibelung Hoard.  208-213

  • [R.3: I] Alberich: Like me, all others will forswear love for gold’s sake.  213-216

  • [R.3: J] Alberich: The gods’ men and women will yield to my loveless power.  216-217

  • [R.3: K] Alberich: Beware the day my Hoard rises from silent depths.  217-220

  • [R.3: L] Loge: Alberich, what happens if a thief finds you asleep?  220-222

  • [R.3: M] Alberich transforms himself into a (#48) dragon and (#49) toad; Wotan captures him.  222-226

The Rhinegold: Scene Four 227-292

[R.4] On a meadow outside Valhalla: Wotan Loge, Alberich, Froh, Donner, Freia, Erda, and the Rhinedaughters 227-292

  • [R.4: A] Wotan: Alberich, ransom yourself.  227-232

  • [R.4: B] Wotan forces Alberich  to ransom himself  with his Hoard and Tarnhelm. Alberich: You hypocrites dare to draw profit from my sacrifice, my "Noth"!  232-234

  • [R.4: C] Wotan demands Alberich's Ring. Alberich: Wotan, you sin against Erda (all that was, is, and will be) if you co-opt my Ring power. Wotan forcefully dispossesses Alberich of his Ring.  234-241

  • [R.4: D] Wotan: (to  Loge) Set him free. Alberich: (#50) Am I really free? Here's freedom's first greeting: [Alberich’s Ring-curse:] (#51) What I won through a curse is now  accursed. Its limitless might now spells death to  its owner.  241-243

  • [R.4: E] Alberich: The Ring’s owner will be cursed with insatiable greed and (#52) existential fear of death.  243-249

  • [R.4: F] Freia, restored to the gods, inspires her brother Froh’s gratitude.  249-251

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