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Twilight of the Gods: Page 787
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Twilight of the Gods: Act One, Scene Two - Gibichung Hall: Hagen, Gunther, Gutrune, and Siegfried

[T.1.2: A]

Now Siegfried steps ashore, his future hosts in the greatest suspense about what will transpire. Hagen, portentously, calls Siegfried by his proper name as he hails him, the much-loved hero, accompanied by a powerful statement of the curse motif #51. {{ There may also be a hint of #126, the motif derived from the Giants’ motif #26, which sounds like a missing heart-beat, symptomatic of dread, dismay, and fear: }}

(Siegfried brings his boat ashore. Hagen makes it fast with a chain. #126?. Siegfried leaps down on to the beach with his horse.)


Hagen: (#51:) Hail! Siegfried, much loved hero!


(#153; #126?; #92; #153?: Gunther has joined Hagen on the shore. From the throne, Gutrune looks at Siegfried in astonished admiration. Gunther prepares to offer a friendly greeting. all remain fixed in silent mutual contemplation.)


Siegfried: (leaning on his horse and standing quietly by his boat: #92) Which of you is Gibich’s son?


Gunther: (#92?:) Gunther, I, whom you seek (:#92?). (#152)


Siegfried: (#92:) I heard you praised far along the Rhine (:#92): (#92c or #71 vari “Hero” or #57 vari?:) Now fight with me, or be my friend (:#92c or #71 vari “Hero” or #57 vari?).


Gunther: Think not of fighting: (#20e orch?:) be welcome here (:#20e orch?)!


Siegfried: (#153 frags: looking calmly around: #91; #? [hint of the orchestral theme from Liszt’s “A Faust Symphony” which immediately precedes Sieglinde speaking during her V.2.5 nightmare?]) Where shall I shelter my horse? (#77?)


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