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Twilight of the Gods: Page 840
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(#103: She hurries to the edge of the cliff in the utmost joy. Siegfried leaps from them and lands on a rocky promontory, whereupon the flames immediately recede and can soon be seen playing on only the lower slopes once more. On his head Siegfried wears the tarnhelm, which covers half his face, leaving only his eyes free. He appears in Gunther’s form.)


Bruennhilde: (#19 chord:) Betrayal (:#19 chord)! –


(Bruennhilde shrinks back in terror, fleeing to the front of the stage, from where she fixes her gaze on Siegfried in speechless astonishment.)


Bruennhilde: (#42 end frag >>: [Is the #42 end frag here a vari of #20c, or related to the compound motif #20b vari/12, which has lately been heard in association with #42, and which represents the prophecy that Hagen will bring about the end of the gods?]) Who forced his way here (:#42 end)?


(Siegfried remains on the rock at the back, observing Bruennhilde and resting motionlessly on his shield. Long silence. #154; #152)


Siegfried: (with a disguised – rougher – voice: #42 end frag:; #87 hint or #45a hint?:) Bruennhilde (:#42 end frag; :#87 hint or #45a hint?)! (#154:) A suitor has come, whom your fire did not frighten. (#154:) I woo you as my wife (:#154); (#152:) follow me of your own will (:#152)!


Bruennhilde: (trembling violently) Who is the man (#161:) who has done what only the (#42 end frag:) strongest was fated to do (:#161; :#42 end)? (#19b? [as if #19 has an end frag, or #42?])


Siegfried: (motionless as before: #154:) A hero who’ll tame you (:#154), (#152:) if force alone can constrain you (:#152).


Bruennhilde: (seized with horror) A demon has leaped on to yonder stone; - (#161 vari >> :) an eagle came flying to tear at my flesh (:#161 vari)! (#19/#20a hybrid vari? [a harmonic, melody-less orchestral explosion like that heard in R.4 when Wotan refused to redeem Freia from the giants with the ring, and just before Erda appears, and as heard also when Bruennhilde refused

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