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Twilight of the Gods: Page 867
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Twilight of the Gods: Act Two, Scene Two - Gibichung Hall: Hagen, Siegfried, and Gutrune

[T.2.2: A]

Siegfried startles Hagen by appearing from out of nowhere, having been transported back from Bruennhilde’s mountain to the Gibichung Hall in a trice thanks to the Wonder of the Tarnhelm:

(From this point onwards, the Rhine begins to glow with the deepening red of dawn. Hagen starts. #42 end frag; #168ab; #154 [almost like #43 as heard when Alberich transformed himself into a serpent in R.3?] Siegfried suddenly appears from behind a bush close to the shore. #103; #159 frag? [perhaps the three-note figure repeated several times in T.2.5 as Bruennhilde tells Gunther and Hagen that Siegfried must atone for her betrayal by all of them?])


Siegfried: (#162 vari:) Hoiho! Hagen! Weary man! Did you see me coming?


(Hagen rises slowly to his feet. Siegfried is restored to his own shape, though he still wears the tarnhelm on his head; he now removes it and, stepping forward, hangs it from his belt.)


Hagen: (#? [strong Norn-like orchestral pulses like those which in T.2.1 expressed Hagen’s despair at being who he is, possibly associated with #50?]; #168 >> :) Hey! Siegfried! Fleet-footed hero?From where have you sped (:#Norn-like pulses?; :#168)?


Siegfried: (#33b:) From Bruennhilde’s rock; it was there that I drew the breath with which I called your name (:#33b): (#103) so quick (#103) was my journey here! (#103 >>:) Two others (#42/#13 vari >> :) follow more slowly (:#103; :#42/#13 vari): (#150 end?:) they’re coming here by boat (:#150 end?).


Hagen: So you overpowered Bruennhilde?


Siegfried: Is Gutrune awake?


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