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Twilight of the Gods: Page 883
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Twilight of the Gods: Act Two, Scene Four - Gibichung Hall: Hagen, the Gibichung vassals and women, Gunther, Bruennhilde, and Siegfried

[T.2.4: A]

Welcoming Gunther and his new bride home, the Gibichungs sing one of the most forceful and noble choruses in all of Wagner’s oeuvre, all the more impressive and dramatic because we, the audience, can bear witness to its shabby pretext, its shoddy foundation:

(Gunther steps out of the boat with Bruennhilde. The vassals line up respectfully to receive them. Throughout the following, Gunther leads Bruennhilde solemnly by the hand.)


The Vassals: (#152 loose vari:) Hail to you, Gunther! Hail to you, and to your bride! Welcome (:#152 loose vari)!


(They strike their weapons noisily together. )


Gunther: (#77 frag/#164 vari: presenting Bruennhilde, who follows him pale-faced and with downcast eyes, to the vassals: #172/#152 frag vari >> :) Bruennhilde, most hallowed of women, I bring to you here on the Rhine (:#172/#152 frag vari): (#?: [this music seems to follow the pattern of the vassals’ chorus of welcome above, mainly #152 – does it include any other motifs?]) a nobler wife was never won! The gods have favoured the Gibichung race; now let it rise to the highest renown!


Vassals: (ceremoniously clashing their weapons: #172/#152 frag vari:) Hail to you, happy Gibichung (:#172/#152 frag vari)!


(Gunther leads Bruennhilde, who never once raises her eyes, to the hall, from which Siegfried and Gutrune emerge, attended by womenfolk. #77; #164; #156?)


Gunther: (pausing outside the hall.) (#171: [or #156?]) Be welcome, dear hero! Be welcome, fair sister (:#171 [or #156?])! (#155:) I see you happy beside him who won you as his wife. Two

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