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Twilight of the Gods: Page 939
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Twilight of the Gods: Act Three, Scene Two - A bank alongside the Rhine: Siegfried, Hagen, Gunther, and the Gibichung vassals

[T.3.2: A]

As the hunting party appears on a rise above the bank of the Rhine where Siegfried awaits them, his last horncall #103 recalls the moment in S.2.2 when Siegfried woke Fafner with his horn. Having finally found Siegfried, long missing from their hunt, on the bank of the Rhine, Hagen asks, rhetorically, if at last they’ve found where Siegfried’s fled, to what sounds like the three-note segment of Siegfried’s Youthful Horncall Motif #103 which accompanied his re-forging of Nothung, as Hagen, Gunther, and the Gibichungs join Siegfried alongside the bank of the Rhine:

(#103; #171; #103 [as heard when Siegfried woke Fafner with his horn in S.2.2?])


Vassals’ Voices: (offstage) Hoiho! Hoiho!


Siegfried: Hoiho! Hoiho! Hoihey!


(Hagen appears on the cliff top, followed by Gunther. #103 frags)


Hagen: (catching sight of Siegfried: #103 frags [perhaps as heard during Siegfried’s smelting and forging of Nothung in S.1.3?]) At last we found where you fled (:#103 frags [Siegfried’s forging vari from S.1.3?])?


Siegfried: (#174a?:) Come below! (#174a:) It’s cool and refreshing here (:#174a)!


(The vassals all arrive on the cliff top and, together with Hagen and Gunther, descend into the valley: #103; #171; #103; #174a/#103; #103; #171?)


Hagen: (#40?:; #67?:) Let’s rest here and prepare the meal (:#40?; :#67?). (The spoils of the hunt are placed in a pile.) Put down the bag (#176?: [&/or an orchestral figure similar to that heard when Loge released Alberich from his bonds in R.4, after Alberich had ransomed himself with his hoard, tarnhelm, and ring? Loge told Alberich that he shouldn’t think of revenge until securing his

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