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Twilight of the Gods: Page 973
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[T.3.3: B]

Hagen now approaches acting as herald of Siegfried’s death (as previously he acted as Herald of the fateful, double wedding of Gunther with Bruennhilde, Siegfried with Gutrune), with the greatest possible vulgarity, brutality, and sadism, at first suggesting that Gutrune should come and greet the living Siegfried who has just returned from the hunt, but then, in announcing his death, putting special emphasis on all the things Siegfried, now dead, will never again be able to do, including love (#37, the “Loveless Motif,” sounding at this point). Hagen scarcely seems to take any care to hide his role in Siegfried’s death (though he says initially, recalling his prior conspiracy with Gunther and Bruennhilde, that a boar gored Siegfried), enjoying so richly his triumph over the hero:


Hagen’s voice: (approaching from outside: #170a/#164:) Hoiho! Hoiho (:#170a/#164)! (#164?)


(Hearing Hagen’s voice, Gutrune stops and, stricken with fear, remains motionless for a moment.)


Hagen: (#164 >> :) Wake up! Wake up! Torches! Torches! Lighted firebrands! Spoils of the chase we’re bringing home. (#170a/#164:) Hoiho! Hoiho (:#170a/#164)!


(The light from the torches increases outside. Hagen enters the hall. #171)


Hagen: (#171?:) Up, Gutrun’! (#171?) Welcome Siegfried! (#171?) (#148?:) The doughty hero (#92 vari [not #148?]) is coming home (:#148?; :#92).


Gutrune: (in great fear. #164) What’s happened? Hagen! (#103 end frag? [a rhythm heard when the Gibichungs joined Siegfried along the Rhine in T.3.2?]) I didn’t hear his horn (:#103 end frag?)!


(The procession of Vassals returning with Siegfried’s body is accompanied by a great confusion of men and women carrying torches and firebrands.)


Hagen: (#159 vari >>: [This music sounds somewhat like the #19 vari based on Alberich’s statement in R.4, while cursing his ring: “no joyful man shall ever have joy of it”?]) The bloodless hero will blow it no more; no more will he storm to hunt or to battle (:#159 vari [perhaps a #19 vari

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