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Twilight of the Gods: Page 975
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Bruennhilde, his premonition of evil to come. Of course, #137 produced #164, the motif which reminds Bruennhilde of Wotan’s warning that she would pay the highest price by living for love. #164 features prominently in this scene, which shows us the ultimate price Siegfried and Bruennhilde had to pay by living for love, oblivious to the truth. }}

[T.3.3: C]

Gunther, evidently fully aware now of what he has lost in collaborating with Hagen to destroy Siegfried (Gunther’s last hope of finding meaning in life), for the sake of practical, earthly power, now turns on Hagen and blames him alone for Siegfried’s death, cursing Hagen as Judas was cursed in the New Testament for plotting Jesus’ death. Hagen is glad to confess, claiming he was merely the righteous instrument of vengeance in making Siegfried pay for breaking his oath to Gunther:


Gunther: (#164 vari:) Hold me not to blame! (#151 or #155?) Blame Hagen there: (#151 or #155?) he’s the accursed boar (#103 vari) that rent the noble hero’s flesh (:#164 vari). (#132, #137, or #164? [more music which sounds like a reference to Siegfried’s agitation in S.3.3 to overcome his and Bruennhilde’s fear by consummating sexual union with her, perhaps combined with #7?])


Hagen: Do you hate me for that?


Gunther: (#167:) May fear and misfortune hound you for ever (:#167)!


Hagen: (stepping forward with terrible defiance: #173:) Yes, then! I slew him: I – Hagen – I struck him dead (:#173)! (#159:) He was marked out by my spear by which he’d falsely sworn (:#159). (#87 and/or #164 on horn?:) I’ve now acquired the sacred right of conquest (:#87 and/or #164 on horn?): (#19?:) and so I demand this ring (:#19?). (#19 vari)


Gunther: Get back! What has fallen to me (#152 loose vari?: [perhaps a hint of the Vassals’ triumphal chorus of welcome to Gunther when he brought Bruennhilde to shore?]) you’ll never receive as your own (:#152 loose vari [a reference to the Gibichungs’ triumphal chorus to welcome Gunther and Bruennhilde in T.2.4?]).


Hagen: (#19 vari: [as if the #152 loose vari transformed into a #19 vari?]) You vassals, judge my right!

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