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The Ring of the Nibelung
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  • [V.2.3: B] Sieglinde’s hysterical prevision of Hunding’s revenge (#86) against Siegmund.  398-400


The Valkyrie: Act Two, Scene Four   401-410

[V.2.4] A mountain pass: Siegmund, Sieglinde, and Bruennhilde   401-410

  • [V.2.4: A] (#88) Bruennhilde announces Siegmund's fate (#87), that he must die and join Wotan's  heroes in Valhalla. Sieglinde must remain  awhile  among the living. But Siegmund (#89) refuses to follow Bruennhilde to Valhalla without Sieglinde.   401-403

  • [V.2.4: B] Bruennhilde: He [Wotan] who gave you the sword takes its power away.   403-405

  • [V.2.4: C] Siegmund rejects the gods’ paradise, indicts Bruennhilde's lovelessness.   405-408

  • [V.2.4: D] To save Siegmund’s baby, Bruennhilde (#90) takes his side against Wotan.   408-410


The Valkyrie: Act Two, Scene Five   411-416

[V.2.5] A  mountain pass: Siegmund, Sieglinde, Bruennhilde, Hunding, and  Wotan   411-416  

  • [V.2.5: A] Sieglinde, asleep and dreaming, returns in nightmare to the terrible moment when the Neidings abducted her, killed her mother, and separated her from her father and brother Siegmund. Wotan preempts Bruennhilde’s intervention, letting Hunding kill Siegmund.   411-414

  • [V.2.5: B] Bruennhilde escapes with Sieglinde and Nothung’s fragments. Wotan feels unbearable anguish in the presence of his dead son Siegmund. Nonetheless, he rages off in search of  his  disobedient daughter Bruennhilde, to punish her.  414-416


The Valkyrie: Act Three   417-460

The Valkyrie: Act Three, Scene One   417-428

[V.3.1] Bruennhilde's rocky peak: the Valkyries, Bruennhilde, and Sieglinde   417-428  

  • [V.3.1: A] (#91) (#77 & #78) Bruennhilde's Valkyrie sisters gather fallen heroes to serve Wotan in Valhalla. The Valkyries refuse Bruennhilde’s appeal for aid for Sieglinde.   417-421

  • [V.3.1: B] Sieglinde wishes to join  Siegmund in  death until Bruennhilde  announces Sieglinde is with child. Bruennhilde: Sieglinde, run to Fafner’s forest, where Wotan never treads, to save your unborn child.   422-424

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