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The Ring of the Nibelung
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The Rhinegold: Scene Two 133-190

[R.2] On a meadow outside Valhalla: Wotan, Fricka, Freia, Froh, Donner, Fafner, Fasolt, and Loge 133-190

  • [R.2: A] Wotan and Fricka wake: Valhalla, completed (#20abcde), is ready for occupation. Fricka:  But, Wotan, reflect! (#21) A debt is due!  133-149

  • [R.2: B] Fricka (#22) (#23) hopes Valhalla will keep Wotan from wandering.  149-151

  • [R.2: C] Wotan promises Fricka he won’t pay (#21) the giants Freia.  151-153

  • [R.2: D] Freia (#24) (#25) flees the giants.  153

  • [R.2: E] Wotan makes the case for Loge’s cunning with Fricka.  153-155

  • [R.2: F] The Giants (#26) come for their payment for building Valhalla, Freia.  156-158

  • [R.2: G] Wotan shocks the giants, declaring they can’t have Freia after all. Fasolt: (#27) What you gods are, you are by contracts. (#28) I'll defy you gods if you don't honor your contracts.  158-162

  • [R.2: H] Fafner: (#29) Without Freia’s golden apples, (#30) the gods will die.  162-165

  • [R.2: I] (#31) Froh, and (#32) Donner, Freia's brothers, try to intervene in her behalf, but Wotan honors and enforces the giants’ contract with his spear (#21).  165-167

  • [R.2: J] Loge (#33)  (#34) (#35) denies he talked Wotan into the contract with the giants.  167-168

  • [R.2: K] Loge: I can’t keep my promise to redeem Freia from the giants. Fricka, Froh, and Donner castigate Loge, but Wotan says: (#36) Greater the value of his advice when he pays it out delayingly. 169-170

  • [R.2: L] (#38) Loge can’t find a substitute for (#37) love and women anywhere.  171-174

  • [R.2: M] Loge: Fricka, with Nibelung gold you can (#23) keep your husband faithful.  174-175

  • [R.2: N] Loge: Wotan, unlike Alberich, won’t renounce love for the Ring.  175-177

  • [R.2: O] Loge: Let’s steal Alberich’s Ring so he can’t wield its power.  177-179

  • [R.2: P] Fafner: (Fasolt reluctant) We will accept the Nibelung Hoard in lieu of Freia.  179-185

  • [R.2: Q] The gods grow old after the Giants take Freia hostage.  185-188

  • [R.2: R] Wotan decides to steal Alberich’s Ring to redeem Freia.  188-189

  • [R.2-3: S] Orchestral Interlude - R.2 - R.3.  (#39) (#40) (#41)   189-190

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